This campaign must be entirely self-funded. 

Our parents are extremely generous. They have provided us the opportunity to begin sailing and study at our university of choice. They pay for our tuition and room/board during the academic year. 

This is our pursuit, and we take responsibility for our own performance. As we obtain results, the amount of government funding we receive will increase. However, this campaign will be primarily powered by private donations and corporate sponsorships. 


Sport Nova Scotia Support 4 Sport – 5%
Sail Canada – 15%
Private Donations & Corporate Sponsorships – 80%


Our immediate priority is to raise $50,000 to cover our expenses leading up to the winter months of sailing. However, non-monetary support is a priceless asset for our six-year campaign. We suggest the following ways of support:

PRIVATE DONATION   Tax-receipts are available by donations via our Wind Athletes page at With Wind Athletes you can pay with PayPal or you can mail a cheque along with a signed identification pdf found on the site. You can also e-transfer donations directly to us at and/or mail us cheques at 36 Prince St. Box 892, Chester, Nova Scotia B0J1J0.

SPONSORSHIP   We would be honoured, as amateur athletes, to represent your company no matter how large or small. Please contact us directly to negotiate terms of a sponsorship that benefits both parties. 

TRAVEL POINTS   Events and training are spread internationally. Travel points are a tremendous asset to reduce our air travel expenses. Please contact us directly at

ADVICE US   We’re going for Olympic Gold while we pursue academic degrees. We also feel like we’re doing an intensive MBA. Please advice us. Suggest ways to change our campaign for the better. 

CONNECT US   Simply pass on our name and help refer us to more supporters.

For any questions please email us at or call either of us. Antonia: +1-902-999-5108, Georgia: +1-902-999-7108.